Pearly Delight – Coconut Ladoo

Asima Bengali beauty is well know for the simple and delicious coconut ladoo. Whenever she made  those ladoo’s either for Indian get together or for some pooja, all of us used to binge on it immediately. As it was moist, light, fresh and indeed delicious. Best thing is, it is cream and milk free. Basically low fat and juicy inside.
I come from coconut background, back in India my home is surrounded by mango, 5 coconut, guava, pomegranate and custard apple trees. Most likely we have some fruits or the other throughout the year. Every 2-3 months either of the coconut trees were harvested. My dad always made sure some fresh tender coconuts were served for the day, oh missing it. When I buy some kind of coconut from normal markets in Finland, I shed blood tears.
So, learning something from coconut was on the priority list, by which I could surprise mom when I go back to India. Asima was very happy to teach me, Shanthi too joined us, so obviously we have short girls evening, with good food and lots of ladoo. Thanks to PhD I have enormous patience, spent two hours to skin off the brown layer underneath the white part, wanted ladoo’s to resemble pearl.
Ingredients500 gram grated fresh coconut
280-300 gram sugar (depending upon coconut sweetness)
1/4 tsp of cardamon powderMethod
Mix all the above 3 ingredients well in a bowl. Warm a heavy bottom pan on medium heat, add the mixture into the pan and mix gently. Slowly the sugar will start to dissolve wait till the water from the sugar evaporates. Take care not to make it dry. Note they will/must be moist, as when sugar cools down they tend to crystallize. Totally the mixture was fried between 10 -12 minutes.  Cool down the mixture until bearable heat  to make balls. Make desired size ladoo and serve anytime!  I used sugar pearls for photoshoot if you are wondering what those little beads are? :)


  1. Prerna@IndianSimmer says:

    My mom’s coconut laddu recipe is exactly the same. It tastes out of the world and best part is that its guilt free.
    Thanks for liking my work and for your wonderful words dear! They really mean a lot.
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

  2. Choclette says:

    they are beautiful pearly white balls and I bet they taste most scrumptious. How wonderful to have coconut and mango trees in your garden, it must have been quite a shock going to Finland.

  3. Radhika says:

    Those laddos look like a magnified pearls (the real ones in the pic). Looks pretty and yumm. And yeah I miss those coconut trees, mango trees and everything edible that was in our garden.

  4. Tamanna says:

    i am not a big fa of coconut but your laddoos make my mouth water and my eyes are dazzled by the beautiful presentation! love love love the red background and the pearl idea

  5. MaryMoh says:

    These big edible pearls 😀 They must be very sweet and flavourful of coconut. I grew up in a land of coconuts too. We had coconuts in all sorts of food and desserts, too. I wish I can get fresh coconuts here…..sigh.

  6. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    @Sharmilee! Thank you :)

    @aipi most welcome to Finland will be served at door steps :)

    @TREAT AND TRICK Thanks a lot yes indeed it tasted great :)

    @Gulmohar he he that was the intention thank you:)

    @An Open Book hope you already manged to make them? :)

    @Priya Thanks :)

    @Suman Singh Thanks a lot all ur words drives me for lot more :)

    @? Oh that is great to know shall try it next time Thanks for the tip :)

    @Madhuri Oh these colors always satisfies the hunger for eyes Thanks:)

    @Lav Oh how nice you have made them….Thank you very much :)

    @Tanvi those liitle are sugar pearl thank you :)

    @Pavithra Srihari haha how sweet thanks :)

    @Saraswathi thank you dear certainly shall keep you all visually treated :)

    @Sanjeeta thank you :)

    @Shanthi ha ha love ur words darling…should we have another session? 😛

    @Prerna@IndianSimmer oh how nice to know that exactly the best party, i can never stop by two 😛 My pleasure :)

    @ brinda Thank you sweetheart, finally i had something that impressed you :)

    @Babli thanks lot for words of appreciation :)

    @Choclette oh yes it was huge shock for, took years now am used to it but…and the but always remain. Thank you :)

    @Radhika Thank a lots, i think most out of our mother land miss the nature and specially the comfort warmness from home….Thanks a lot :)

    @Nicisme haha ha may its a good idea i should make it like a Christmas gift, thanks for dropping by :)

    @s thank you very much :)

    @Malar Gandhi Thank you :) thanks a lot :)

    @Tamanna glad i tempted you, try it am sure you will fall in love thank you :)

    @Fathima ohhh thank you :)

    @Premalatha Aravindhan Thank for dropping and for your time glad you liked shall soon drop in urs :)

    @Angie’s Recipes Thank you :)

    @Padhu thanks a lot :)

    @MaryMoh ha ha oh yes it was yes sigh sigh….wat else we can do :)

    @Sarah Naveen thanks a lot :)

    @Indie.Tea Yes they did and that made me a happy girl Thank you :)

    @Aparna S Mallya thank a lot :)

    @Varunavi thank you :)

  7. MiniBinoy says:

    first time in ur blog..u hv a wonderful space adorned by colourful clicks and illustrations!!!i luv that orange flower and the divinly white coconut ladoos against the red background!!

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