First hand on red meat expt : Kheema vada/Minced meat patties

Paranoid, is the next word I would link when I think of cooking red meat. I love mutton briyani and kheema vada only when my mum cooks  with ‘special’ ? meat my dad buys. Oh yes am too picky when it comes to lamb. Reason is, meat what we we normally get is from sheep but the one my dad hunts and gets for us is tender goat. Am pretty sure your preference would change once you have tasted the tender goat meat. Being a food blogger I wanted to show am brave enough to give it a try and handle the strong flavor (according to me) and a small inspiration did the magic!
I invited Finnish family friends for an Indian lunch, kheema vada, chicken dum briyani, chicken gravy, potato bean fry, raita and suji (semolina) halwa was the menu. Was excited to cook as I was cooking even dum briyani was  for the first time. Spice level for the entire food was moderate, since invites were elders, perfect for them to relish. Here goes the recipe. Was I satisfied? partially yes but still what mum makes is the best 😀 From today I have increased the size of the picture, haven’t yet changed my previous post pictures, will do it slowly, kindly ignore the strange size difference on the page!

Kindly note the spice level for this vada was deliberately kept moderate. Kindly  change according to your taste.

300 gram minced lamb
50 gram roasted split chick peas
2 green chili
3 cloves
1 inch cardamon stick

2 piece of 2.5 inch fresh coconut

1 tspn ginger garlicpaste
1 large onions (finely shopped)
4 tbspn of finely chopped coriander
3 tbspn of finely chopped mint
1/4 tspn turmeric powder
salt according to taste
1 egg white
oil to deep fryMethod
Pressure cook/ steam minced meat, green chili, salt and turmeric. Cool down to room temperature after it is cooked. Drain the excess water let it dry for a while  Keep aside cooked green chili separately.Grind, cloves, cardamon, coconut, ginger garlic paste, cooked green chili and roasted chick peas, till are fine. Add cooked meat into the mixer, give a quick blend so masala is well incorporated (3 to 5 seconds, should be more than enough) (Don’t make it soft, else the vada texture will be ruined)

If required add more salt, throw in one egg  white, chopped coriander, chopped mint  to the meat dough and mix well. Egg white will help in binding and brings good crispness.
(If you don’t drain water well after meat is cooked, meat dough will not be good, if it is soft and soggy,  in that case don’t add egg,  instead add more roasted chick peas powder) 

Make desired size balls and deep fry in hot oil. Till they are golden brown. Serve hot


  1. An Open Book says:

    oh my god..u made all that??? excellent..cant wait for the dum biryani recipe…and the potato and bean fry also looks interesting..
    I actually totally understand what you mean by goat meat tastes awesome. We dont buy lamb here at all just cos it smells and tastes awful…

    The patties look lovely..i guess il try it with beef instead.

  2. sinfullyspicy says:

    Ooooo…ananda…so much food! Looking at those beans and potato stir fry…I ll skip all my dinner plans and go and make it rightaway :) Kababs[or vadas if u say so]…look so cute…grl u put in so much effort in shaping and even cooking…u got patience grl :) tempting clicks!
    I do not like lamb meat…I cannot have it minced even but thats the only option we mortals have in the foreign land.I miss mutton biryanis and kebabs dearly.

  3. Kairali sisters says:

    You are a perfectionist Ananda..I can see that might have come from your researcher brains huuh?

    I am sure your guests must have gone wowoooo with that beautiful spread of dishes…

    Meat patties looks perfect with lovely and amazing clicks..

    Definitely waiting for rest of the recipes ….


  4. Devaki says:

    Dear Ananda – What a feast! I am uber impressed with your effort and the stellar results. Fantabulous!

    Now I must attend to my growling tummy :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  5. Akila says:

    hi dear,
    thanks for visiting my blog and giving your valuable comments…

    actually i already visited ur site some time before, when you posted your coconut ladoo. when i about to write some comment on that, i got some urgent work and went and after that, i searched a lot to get your blog again, but in vain…

    but now you contacted me and i am so happy to follow you and added urs in my blog list immediately… dont want to miss ur blog again….

    you have really a wonderful space….

  6. MaryMoh says:

    That’s a lot of good food there. Love your meat balls…so perfect in size! Gosh I admire you for that. Love the colour and presentation. They look so neat that at first glance I thought they are cookies…haha. Love your big pictures. Beautiful photography as usual.

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