Happy Diwali – Caramelized Fig Tart

Diwali is around the corner, so all ready for it? what a pity that it falls on working day, chance to have a party or do something good seems to be bit out of question for me in Finland. Anyways Diwali reminds me of many happenings in India, waking  up early, bursting crackers, food, sweets, extended family and what not?
For last couple of years, my family calls me in the morning to wish me and then it will be me calling them for every one to two hours asking for updates? I can’t be hooked  up with lab, computer and keep sulking at boring office. Hearing everyone on phone used to make my Diwali. Sounds better right? Candle season is back in Finland,  my favorite, best way to get rid of the darkness and those twinkling lights does cheer me up and few aromatic ones how relaxing. I recently out of great frustration did a big fruit shopping, not know what I will end up doing with all of it, fig was one of them. Turned out to be my new love. Trust me guys, if you haven’t tasted fresh fig give it a try. It’s worth it.
I made fig tart somewhat suitable for Diwali placing few candles around. With so many wonderful post on Indian sweets and savory all around for Diwali, fig tart can be like a odd man out, pardon me, unfortunately my hands are not very flexible when it come to preparing  Indian sweets and from my understanding it needs enormous patience and motivation, which I’m running short of, so why take chance? do you by any chance know a shop that sells motivation and patience? 😛  My mum always says self praising is donkey praising, but it doesn’t stop me singing glories about this quick easy tart.  Crunchy fig, crisp  tart and wonderful flavor of caramel butter was worth a try
That’s the end of my insensate words. Wish you all very happy, prosperous, fantastic and dhamakadar Diwali. For desi friends staying out of India hope you will have your own ways of making ur diwali happy :)
I’m submitting this for Monthly Mingle happening on Deeba’s passionate about baking and Meeta of what’s lunch honey? 

5-6 Fresh fig fruit ( sliced to 6 pieces each)
For caramel butter
50 gram brown sugar
40 gram butter
For tart I used ready made tart dough else you can use this recipe
In a medium  size pan over medium heat, throw in sugar, when the sugar just starts to melt add butter wait until the sugar and butter is melted, say about 3 to 4 minutes.. Remove from the heat. Give a quick whisk until sugar and butter is well incorporated. If you find butter floating on top, don’t panic just add one tsp of warm water and give a rapid whisk, it will act as an emulsifier. Place sliced fig on a baking plate, pour in the caramel over the figs and roast them in the oven for about 3 to 5 minutes or until they become tender. Set aside.
Next, roll the tart dough to desired thickness and place in a suitable mold. Using a fork pierce the dough this help tart not to swell while baking. Refrigerated it for 15 minutes. Bake in preheated oven, at 180 C  for about 15minutes. If you are using store brought dough please follow the given instruction. But take the tart 5 minutes earlier than the given time.
Now arrange the roasted fig or just throw inside the tart, pour remaining caramel butter and bake again for 5 minutes at 180 C. Serve warm!


  1. Nithya says:

    Wish you a advanced happy diwali too :)

    Lovely colors.. Too much.. I am totally loving it :) the fig tart.. the candles.. the backdrop.. what not.. they are absolutely beautiful :)

  2. Cheah says:

    I haven’t tried fresh figs before, not too keen with all those tiny seeds that can be lodged in between my teeth. Your tart looks great and the bright colours of the cut figs really enhance the look of the tart. Happy Diwali!

  3. An Open Book says:

    Gosh love the colours..purple is my absolute fav colour this season:)
    And you know what ive never tasted figs and now that you say i mustn’t miss on it im definitely giving it a shot

  4. Rachana says:

    Oh my my!!!! This fig tart has my name written all over :-) I love figs and these tempting n beautiful clicks are teasing me. I wish to have some, pleaseeee :-)

    Happy Diwali!

  5. EliFla says:

    Happy Diwali , Ananda!!

    I really love fresh fig, fig marmelade…. and fresh fig with Parma HAm!!!!…. these pictures are beautiful and colors too.

    I also make a classic tiramisù without gianduja chocolate!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Pavithra Srihari says:

    Man I have already hopped on to ur blog like 3 times for this post and everytime I only see the pics and I havent read the recipe … wanted to post a comment after reading but I am just not able to take my eyes off … looks so beautiful .. amazing !!

  7. Priya says:

    Fresh figs in tart, i never say no to them, its has been ages i had tart with figs..beautiful clicks..Happy Diwali wishes to u and ur family dear..

  8. Choclette says:

    Happy Diwali, it must be hard for you being so far from home. I remember being abroad on my own at Christmas when I was 18 and feeling so homesick. This tart sounds divine and I wish I could share a slice with you now.

  9. Deeba PAB says:

    Happy Diwali to you and your dear ones Ananda. This is a gorgeous looking tart, rustic and delicious. I love the colours and the flavour combinations. Gracias for sending it my way for MM. I ♥ it!!

  10. Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear says:

    Oh Ananda… again, such beautiful photographs! Perfect colour combinations! As for Diwali – ee live in an apartment at the top of a block, three walls of which are windows and we look down on the city – at Diwali we watch all the beautiful fireworks going off around us on all sides and it is so beautiful! I love Diwali! Happy Diwali to you!

  11. Radhika @ foodfor7stages says:

    I want to dig into that fig tart right away. Lovely Lovely pics Ananda. And yes, we miss so many good things staying away from India and these festivals are one among them. I still remember burning candles for our first diwali after marriage. And thought of working on Diwali day has brought down my moral already :(

  12. Soma says:

    A beautiful dish indeed. I love that sensuous close up picture of the fig. It is beautiful.

    We missed out on fresh figs this time.

    Happy Deepawali to you and family.

  13. Pavithra says:

    Wow absolutely gorgeous.. Each and every pictures speaks a lot.. Fantastic. I am really loving this … awesome wish I am there to have a slice. Cannot take out my eyes from the picture.

  14. Indie.Tea says:

    I hope that you have a pleasant and prosperous Diwali. I’ve actually never celebrated a Diwali in India. Amazing, isn’t it? I was born in the U.S. and so my family and I try to make it as festive as possible. But it must be lacking in comparison to your wonderful Diwali memories.
    And your tart looks delicious! Figs are so beautiful, and I love your photographs of them :)

  15. Lou says:

    Beautiful beautiful photos!
    This post is great I love topical blogs and I really love figs… I’m going to bookmark this page and try this recipe next time I go to the market.
    Fig is one of those foods that really compliments certain flavours. I think if i did this recipe I might try an almond icecream with it, or some creme fraiche with a drop of orange blossom…

  16. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear ananda
    Thank you for your greetings. WIsh you a very happy Deepawali. God will bless you always.
    I was in Saudi for few days hence did notr see this pots. This recipe is very nice. I used to eat figs when I was in Kuwait. I dont see figs in Delhi ..
    have a nice weekend

  17. MaryMoh says:

    Happy Diwali, Ananda! Must be lots of food and celebration on your side. I’m one great fan of figs but not my family. So imagine my thrill when I bought a box of figs recentlty….all in my tummy within 3 days! 😀 I need to try and make tarts like you did here….beautiful. Thanks very much for dropping by while I was away. Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Devaki says:

    What an excellent Diwali and otherwise treat. completely droolworthy! Thanks for yet another feast for the eyes & the belly, Ananda:)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  19. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    Tons of Grazie to each and every one of for all your kind words of appreciation. blessings.
    MD wow thanks means a lot.
    Super Big Hug! And…
    Nisha, Purple is my new fav too. Cheah, initially i had same though but seeds are but slimy to slip in ur throat very easily.
    Rachna, welcome anytime.
    Kulsum, we have similar taste then. EliFla, with fig with Parma Ham very interesting.
    Pavitra, ha ha super glad. Choclette, it was very hard!
    Sarah, agree they are so darn good hard to keep them on the table. Radhika, i can very well relate how you have felt on the D day.
    Soma, sensuous picture love that. Joyti, now this calls for you to visit India for one celebration, will invite you next time when i celebrate diwali in India.
    Lou, loving the idea of some creme fraiche with a drop of orange blossom.
    Ushnish Da, thanks for the blessings.
    MD, wow thanks means a lot.

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