Patent Recipe :) – Basil Chicken

You got it right, this is my first recipe that originated from my brain, rare it is!! My all time fav, as according to me, its a prefect blend of  Italian flavour and with tad bit if Indian spiciness. Recipe hardly takes any efforts to make but very comforting with glass of wine, toasted bread or simply with dhal. It’s hard for me to say with which it is best. Since the spark of chillies, zing of tanginess and subtle honey is perfectly indulging no matter what is on the side and most of the time especially with this chicken I will be totally engrossed in watching some good movie. Would strongly recommend chicken wings for this recipe, since meat is very tender and flavours get infused very well in short cooking time, have tried with boneless breast chicken, it was just ok. Do try it whenever you wish to, since all it need is garlic, basil, chilly, lemon and honey, not to forget a pinch of love that brings all the difference :)
1 tbspn olive oil
5 pod of garlic finely chopped
1 medium size onions finely chopped
3-4 green chillies finely chopped  (according to your tolerance)
500g of chicken wings
salt to taste
1/2 tspn of honey
1 tspn lime juice
1 bunch of coarsely chopped basil leaves
Warm the oil and fry till golden brown, add in green chillies, sort it for few minutes. Add in onions fry till they are transparent. Then throw in chicken and  salt fry till it seals. Cook them in medium heat really slowly so that it become soft and water still remains. Fry will they become light brown say it might take about 20 to 25 minutes. Fry them till they become light brown. End with honey, lime juice and chopped basil leaves. Stir fry for 30 to 40 sec.  It is all set and ready.


  1. EliFla says:


    and your pics are too gorgeous…you have to join to my “romantic” contest…you have to!!! Com on….join!!!

    HAve a nice Sunday, Flavia

    P.S. and your brain has to produce a lt of recips like this one!!!xoxoxoxox

  2. ? says:

    Love this recipe Ananda!

    I spice up Italian recipes with basically 3 from the Indian spice rang: cummin, aniseed and red chilli flakes!

  3. Sharon says:

    Good on you for coming up with your own recipe! Turned out MUCH better than my concoctions. Basil is a great herb and with lime, garlic,and chillies, I imagine it’s a fantastic combination. An explosion of flavours! Great photos, and the chicken looks too tempting for words!

  4. Anna Johnston says:

    I love your little tweeks of fusion flavours here, its a perfect blend of tastes & I’d imagine I’d love to indulge in a bit of movie watching while consuming this dish. Keep these types of recipes coming, love it :)

  5. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Ananda
    You really have a fertile brain to invent this great recipe!!! I like it.
    Will try soon. You are right , the wings are the best for this or next cd be thigh meat but certainly not the breast pieces.
    Have a nice week

  6. MaryMoh says:

    Mmm..This dish is definitely for me. I love basil. It has such beautiful aroma. I was thinking about the popular 3 cups chicken yesterday. It’s a Taiwanese chicken dish. Maybe I should add chillies too to spice it up. Have more fun cooking 😀

  7. Tanvi@Sinfully Spicy says:

    What a beautiful dish Ananada.You are awesome girl…I m making this first thing as soon as I lay my hands on fresh basil.Your red bowl is soooo nice.I wanna own one :) The last pic makes me salivate :)

  8. Prerna@IndianSimmer says:

    LOVE the flavor of basil and this recipe sounds really tempting! Would love to try it sometime soon and would also love to share the recipe in my blog if you don’t mind (with due credit!)

  9. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    EliFla thanks a lot, i’m def in for the contest, it would be all my pleasure …sure i will ask my brain to be more productive on this area :)

    Tamanna same here, the herbs bring a special kick thanks! :)

    ? oh i haven’t tried with aniseed that is good to know should try it next time, thanks for the hint :)

    Foodie Ann oh thanks, i need all the good luck for many things ahead :) thank you :)

    Torviewtoronto thank you, yes i shall have check soon :)

    Swathi oh thanks a lot :)

    Smitha oh yes it did, it was just truly amazing:)

    Smitha thank you :)

    Sharon thank you sweety, indeed love that kind of flavor explosion it amazing on the weekends, well good luck with ur expt, must tell i so much reading urs :)

    Anna Johnston oh thank so very much, i will try my best to produce more :)

    My attempt at The Julie/Julia project ha ha girl, you are too sweet, its all your feel free to grab them :)

    Treat and Trick awee thank you :)

    Pavithra awee thank you very much :)

    Pushpa thank you :)

    Priya thank you :)

    Couscous & Consciousness pl do try i really hope you will like it :) thanks!

    Ushnish Ghosh da, thanks ha ha i wish it was same regarding my research, oh yes thigh meat would be good, very point, noted thank for ur input, should mention above, you too have a great week :)

    Prathima Rao/ Prats Corner awee thank you hon :)

    MaryMoh 3 cup chicken is very new for me, i shall search about it, oh i have tasted Taiwanese food, would love to try :)

    Kairali sisters very kind of you always, awee thanks a tons for your lovely words you are a darling :)

    Akila grab the plate then :)

    Suja Sugathan thank you :)

    C&G trust me ur commnet brought a huge smile on my face, loved, wish my boss said that, never mind, glad that someone on earth thinks like that 😀

    Angie’s Recipes is that so oh wow, ohh thank you :)

    Tanvi@Sinfully Spicy ha ha darling, i promise to give you that red bowl the time i meet you at any point in my life 😀

    Chow and Chatter oh thank you :)

    Prerna@IndianSimmer awee that is so very sweet of you Prerna, hope you like it. Its all my pleasure share it as you please :)

  10. mellycakes says:

    this looks delish! i think using wings or thighs is much tastier than breast, you’re so right!

    your pics are lovely too, what kind of camera do you use? i’ve recently started a blog and i’m struggling with the photographs. help please, if/when you have time.

  11. Devaki says:

    Dear ANANDA – Love your magic ingredient – a pinch of love and I agree that these would be marvelous with chicken wings. One of these days you have got to teach me your mad photography skills. Delish food and delish pics :)

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  12. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    Dimah Thank you :)

    Mellycakes I use cannon EOS 450 D, i shall drop your today evening, would be more than happy of i could help you anything :)

    Cucina di Barbara haha Barbara, no i’m not still a growing kid wrt to photography…but thanks a lots feels great to hear your kind appreciation hugs 😀

    Quay Po Cooks awee mucho thanks :)

    Indie.Tea oh ya know, these days they are bit weak and sad, i spent more than 15 mins to search a pick a good happy ones, i can’t get over the fact that i spend time i picking good looking fruits and veggies 😛

    Devaki gleeee thank u, ha ha you got it i’m of those crazy people my my that was so very kind of you, but your pictures are already A class, but wish to meet and exchange so that i could learn the way you come up most goody goody recipes :)

    Malar Gandhi Thank so much dear :)

    Amy Thanks for stopping by and for ur kind words of appreciation will soon hop in ur blog :)

  13. Catherine says:

    Oooh this is a fabulous invention, Ananda! I was drooling at the description alone, then the pictures made me salivate even more! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations :)

  14. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    ManPreet Kaur Thanks :)
    Pari Good to see u here, tofu and panner sounds great too :)
    Sarah Naveen very well thanks my dear :)
    aipi Thanks :)
    Radhika @foodfor7stages oh yes they make a wonderful couple :)
    Blogger M D thank you :)
    Gulmohar exactly that is all beauty about amazing chicken :)
    Catherine haha that was basically the intention thanks :

  15. Soma says:

    Mmmmm.. I can almost smell the fresh basil from here! What a delicious looking dish. Can I come over for dinner? The “patent” made me laugh.. LOL.. you are good, see.

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