A Little Reminder – Bunch of Zucchini recipe ideas!

Things get evaporated out of my brain easily, wanted to make series of zucchini post, but couldn’t get it done. Moreover the fact that I’m organizing an event flushed out of my brain…oh btw hello peeps…..
I’m heavily clouded at work, so unfortunately kept my blog starving! Thought instead of making a full post on one recipe, here are pic’s of all recipes I wanted to share, promise to post few of those in following days…
Sail in zucchini boat with shrimp, pine nuts, rosemary, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese on top!

                                                 Zucchini chocolate cake with walnuts

So guys, so far I have 5 interesting entries, make my life more tough to choose the best one, send in yours for Zucchini Battle. Here some ideas for you, you never know may be it can help you to formulate (physics is running high in my blood) kick ass recipe.
                                   Spiced ricotta cheese zucchini rolls with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

                                                         Simple zucchini shrimp masala

Guess wat? I completed my first cake order. Yes first cake order for my colleague defence party on Saturday, was pretty excited, since whole group and few other from the department were present. It went fine, made choc caramel cake and black forest cake. Now after completing my PhD if I don’t find a job, I know what to do! 
                                                                       Chocolate caramel cake

                                                                      Black-forest cake

And Devaki darling from Weave Thousand Flavors is organising a exciting food trip to Sicily : An Epicurean Voyage to Sicily, sounds fun right. Hop into her blog and join all the foodies on a fantastic journey to Sicily!! 
                                                  Cheery tomatoes, prawns zucchini pasta 

                                                                     Want some?


  1. An Open Book says:

    Anandaaaaaaaa…that pic of the choc zucchini cake with walnut amazing amazing..soo well captured..
    I have been meaning to send in an entry and infact I did come some thing but the pics didnt turn out well, so i decided not to post it. When is the last date. I shall try and send in something

  2. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    Christine’s Pantry Thanks, glad you liked :)

    Nisha: I adore those chunks too, the deadline is 30th may, oh don’t worry about pic, it’s the recipe that counts and ur pic even though you say bad, I know it will be good enough!

  3. Biny Anoop says:

    Anandaa love the pics…..i am short of words today…ur pics and ur recipes are amazing…its so nice to have known u…keep going dear….amaze us again and again

  4. Priya Sreeram says:

    wow with zucchinis the array of dishes is stunning, particularly loved the rolls with cheese ! and hey u r such a pro baker ! I think u can follow this passion of yours simultaneously after ur PhD

  5. Victor says:

    Oh wow! These are all lovely pictures. I can’t wait for your gorgeous cake recipes.

    I know what you mean, as physicists, doing research is just addictive. I sometimes wish there are more than 24 hours in a day so I have some time for blogging. Whenever I have an hour to spare mostly during lunchtime, I blog as much as possible. All I can say, just keep it simple. Hope it helps.:)

  6. Catherine says:

    Look at those gorgeous cakes, Ananda! I especially love the look of the black forest one; divine! :) Are you going on that foodie trip to Sicily? I would LOVE to go to something like that; I might save up and do something similar next year; doesn’t it look amaaaazing?! Also, loving those zucchini recipes… your food always makes me drool! :)

  7. Tanvi@Sinfully Spicy says:

    What a spread of zucchini goodies.Love the chocolate cake and pasta …so yum!I cant wait to see your recipes in coming days.Take care & come back soon after finishing all your chores!!

  8. vinoo says:

    Sagari…when do we start our business together??!!! Let’s open our own café – “Cakes, Coffee and Conversations”.

  9. Anna Johnston says:

    I love them all Ananda, they are just beautiful photos, the way your going here girl you’ll be getting another PhD in Cookery. I was going to join in your zucchini challenge, where has the time gone.

  10. Suman Singh says:

    Love all the zucchini dishes, Ananda…will love to see some of the recipes too especially for that zucchini walnut cake..looks incredible!
    And I must say u have done a fabulous job in decorating both the cakes..they look gorgeous!…very beautifully done dear..hats off to ur effort.

  11. Gulmohar says:

    Awesome pictures and wonderful recipes Ananda !
    I so want to try that chocolate cake with walnuts once you post them (maybe after the physics spares your blood flow..lol)

  12. Choclette says:

    Congratulations on your cake orders for work. They are both fantastic. I bet your colleagues were impressed. I certainly was, but then I am always impressed by the beautiful touches you bring to your food – always so elegant. Elegance and I just do not make happy partners!

  13. Nami @ Just One Cookbook says:

    Hi Ananda! I love every one of these pictures. And if you didn’t tell me, I didn’t know some of the food includes zucchini! I love how you presented the food and I just admire of your work. Beautiful and delicious at the same time!

  14. ? says:

    That cake looks gorgeous Ananda!Congratulations on your first order.
    Just catching up on the blog posts thru a small window.
    Summer travel will hopefully bring regular posts!

  15. C&G says:

    Hey Ananda, I haven’t been able to participate to the zucchini recipes collection, I’m very very sorry. Juste many things to do, and many on my mind lately and I’ve cooking a bit less. Anyways I see lots of fun recipes I’ll try sor sure someday! Giorgia & Cyril

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