Baby shower – Carrot cake and button cookies

I have been happily busy since end of June with bbq, baby shower, meeting food blogger friends, friends from Finland and Austria….we have been enjoying Belgium summer with great chocolates and beers. I have never been a beer person, but there is something about Belgian beers, its slowly growing on me, especially the fruit and light ones!
Ok folks, until I keep enjoying with my 3rd batch of good friends who will landing this Saturday in Belgium. I will let you stroll thro’ the pictures from baby shower party, which I organised (Oh it was fantastic to play with blue and white). I loved playing with fondant again after a big failure from my first trial. I’m quite happy with the results this time, though I still need to work more on the fondants.     Those butterflies were made using the fondant print and I left them to dry between the chopstick to give it a feeling of flying. For some butterflies I used single colour fondant and some I mixed few colours. (Be a baby and play!) The menu for the evening was carrot cake with orange flavoured cream cheese frosting, vanilla cupcake with mascarpone frosting, button cookies, Indian home made biscuits and lemon pineapple punch.  Note, how to turn normal use and throw cups to pretty ones, wrap a fancy tape around the cup and top with some stickers, they were adorable…Also meet my old hobby crochet.
If you still on the sunny side of the world….happy summer and happy baking!

An Experiment – Baby Shower Cake

Being an experimentalist, I dare to do any of kind of experiments in whatever field it may concern. For physics research experiment, initially we get into concept, background, expertise advice and training after which, we are left alone to crack, break, fiddle own brains and not the instruments. Then gradually we master the instrument and technique.

Coconut Halwa

I dislike when God disposes my plan during holiday. Yes it was the four wonderful Easter holidays. Wanted to be low on productivity, high on day dreaming and lazy to extreme higher limit. But it went the other way round: a surprised baby shower party  was planned for one of my Indian friend. The Idea was to bring the reflection, as back in India. Thereby extensive research, series of shopping and good substitutes were required. The value for people, product and pith of any tradition or custom will be understood better when we are far from it. At this point I missed being in India.
                                                                Ambiance for baby shower party