Captivating – Santiago De Compostela – Part 2



Continuing with the stories of the charming city (sorry for long absence again blame it again on work and travel). Lunch breaks in Spain starts late and it’s elaborate being a food lover I always looked forward for lunch breaks. Me being an early bird, folks over there was considerate enough to have wee bit early, which according to them must have been super early and for me it was the point of starvation. Thoughts about fresh fishes and the deep fried padrom chilies was good enough to keep me on hold and drag me there. Three course meal included soup/salad, fish/meat with potato/rice and a generous serving of padrom chilies and of course the desserts. Though I have never been fanatic about tuna fish but Santiago was the only place I felt I could eat tuna, the freshness did bring good taste to the fish.

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Charmed – Santiago De Compostela – Part 1



One fine morning, emails went flying with me and a new collaborator in Santiago, discussing on a new project. Instantaneously he agreed on my request to visit his laboratory for a training. Little did I know what fun was waiting for me. On a gorgeous sunny day in September I landed in the beautiful city, Santiago. The only thing running in my mind was work, experiment procedures and edgy feeling for chemistry as you all know I’m a physicist.

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Vermicelli Upma/Semiya Upma


After the whole cooking episode, I did realise there isn’t any basic or simple recipes in my blog. Over a cup of tea partially dreaming and going through my own pictures, I made up my mind to do some simple basic post, that beginners would find it easy. At least for the ones who follow my bog and for those who have asked for simple recipes, I’m going to come with simple, yet authentic indian food recipes!

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An experience – Thyme, Black Pepper Sweet Cookie


Today, I have greatest respect for chefs in the restaurants. Managing different counters, sue chefs, maintaing food quality and moreover to satisfy the customer isn’t a cake walk. I learnt it from my experience in an evening.  After heavy planning and analysing I zeroed to jal jeera, papad with tomato salsa for starters, tadka dhal with rice, naan with butter chicken, vegetable korma, tandoori chicken with mint dip and mango lassi as main course. For dessert we had carrot(gajar) halwa and semolina (shoji)halwa.

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Excitation – Dense Sherry Chocolate Cake with Fresh Cream


Being a active member of the cooking club at work I have so far got to learn very interesting recipes from very many cuisines. Monthly one evening, we all food lovers gather together to cook, eat and goof around in a well equipped cooking school. I always look forward in learning something new every month….and guess what this month I’m organising the Indian theme. There will be 25 participants.

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