Delicate darling – Pistachios gujiya/puri

Pistachios gujiya/puri my today’s experiment. During diwali¬† my aunt used to make almond (badam) puries, duly copied her recipe but replaced almond with pista. It started great, even puries were surprisingly puffing very well. Must say am terrible when it comes to deep frying, got excited when they were turning out well, eventually I ended up frying my index finger :((
With burning fingers I couldn’t continue with puries, so ended up making gujiya’s, they seemed quick and easy. Shared it with Ritika and Asima. I was calling them as kachories, thanks Ritika for educating me the difference between kachories and gujiya. Somehow manged to make few click with damaged fingers. Hope you guys will enjoy this recipe at some point, but do with care. This sweet itself is very delicate and lots of care is need while processing. Now my kitchen is like a war field, will go and set them…hope you all have a great weekend!