Excitation – Dense Sherry Chocolate Cake with Fresh Cream


Being a active member of the cooking club at work I have so far got to learn very interesting recipes from very many cuisines. Monthly one evening, we all food lovers gather together to cook, eat and goof around in a well equipped cooking school. I always look forward in learning something new every month….and guess what this month I’m organising the Indian theme. There will be 25 participants.

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New Beginning – Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream


It’s not the beginning of a new chapter; this is the beginning of a new book! That is how I usually start my new year. Change is my daily bread; everyday has been filled with surprises. Though it’s challenging to start from point zero it so far has come with bags full of passion, excitement, profoundness and has also opened the window for much wider channels. Adding dash of salt and pepper I have enjoyed so far.

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Choco Raspberries – Little heavens / Easy giveaway

Most of you would have noticed my White Chocolate Raspberry Macadammia cake. There were some  leftovers of raspberry filling sleeping well in my freezer, which was used for the cake. Somehow didn’t want to get rid of it, as they were homemade and would never like to waste food. So came up with this idea. Since I imagined these little wonders to be adorable, arranged props in pink. But the funny thing was, ended up giving it to my friend Nonappa for his B’day. So couldn’t use all the pink props, which I spent hours in finding but had to use brown and gold chocolate box.
For this recipe, I used both dark (70%) and white chocolate. To be very honest, with dark chocolate it was just OK. But with white chocolate it was too good. May be because the little sourness in raspberries merged beautifully with white chocolate (it needed the extra sweetness). As always, raspberries and white chocolate – match made in dessert heaven.
Am quite slow with blog, since PhD is taking upper hand. I have bank of 10 recipes waiting in queue to be posted. That means this recipe was made two months before :p. Hope I would be fast from the day after my dissertation :) Enjoy!!

White Chocolate Raspberry Macadamia Cake

This is truly a special cake. When cakes come with challenges, am at my upper maxima. I love challenges. It required lot of patience, had to be slow and go step by step. But efforts paid when everyone enjoyed it. I made it for girls “dessert” evening it was perfect combo with some tea and coffee.
Raspberry with chocolate will make world’s best yum couple. Macadamia brought an interesting twist in couple. Not too hard, nor too heavy but subtle and crunchy was enough to take me straight to heaven. I brought organic macadamia nut and roasted larger quantity than required for cakes, they were quite irresistible.
I can go endless singing glories about this special cake. Original recipe is form fine cooking, but used it only for preparing the cake with macadamia nut. Rest made my own raspberry rum filling and white chocolate ganache.
                                                                 Frozen Raspberries

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Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Writing the first line of your first blog is harder than writing a thesis or book. I’m extremely self-conscious right now, hoping it to fade away as the journey of new conversation evolves. Will slowly unfurl my thoughts, experience and how I came up with such a far-fetched idea.

Gorgeous blend of two dark yummies