Why does fish has fishy odour? – Sea trout in tomato, tamarind sauce / Fish Kolambu

Have you ever wondered why store brought and frozen fish have a pungent fishy odour?

IMG_3934_2Water in the ocean is about 3% salt by weight. The amount of dissolved mineral including sodium chloride in the fish cells is less than 1%. In order to balance the saltiness in the seawater, ocean creatures fills their cells with amino acids and amines. There are 20 amino acids that make up proteins. The shellfish are filled with amino acid glycine, which is sweet and glutamic acid in the form monosodium glutamate, which is savory and filling. Whereas, the fish has some amino acid but it is mostly dominated with trimethylamine oxide. Now, when fish gets killed the bacteria and enzyme in the fish triggers an oxidation-reduction reaction. This results in trimethylamine and later in to ammonia causing the fish to have strong odour, as it gets older.

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Happy Easter – Egg cookies & Decorated eggs

ezgif.com-gif-makerSun has started to smile saying good bye to winter. We are having occasional beautiful days in Belgium. Easter around the corners, beautiful fragrant narcissus dancing to the tunes of wind, one day while I was walking to home, I remember how every year without fail I used to get beautiful handmade eggs from my Godmother during easter. Pink being my favourite colour, she always made sure to make something pink for me. It instigated me to do something this year.



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Enchanting – Baltic cities: Riga and Tallinn

To travel is to evolve – Pierre Bernardo
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta


Now, how true is that? All the travels I have done so far have enriched me with experience, connection with people and a better perspective. Being a learner from experience, I have learnt to appreciate the hidden beauties behind any cities, be it architecture, food, culture or the people itself. It’s no hidden truth with my blog that this awe struck moments is tuning me into a story teller. These pictures are collection from my initial travel days in Finland. I’m sure you remember me telling stories about exploding hard drive; I finally pulled out first few folders of Baltic cities that I visited ages ago. These cities have great memories that is tagged along. Travel to these cities were planned at the spur of the moments, booking accommodation, emails flying around….zoom we were in the cruise sailing across the majestic deep blue never ending sea. Waves lashing along the cruise showing how fierce she is and gusting wind slamming us competing with the wave.  All the way sailing I kept baffling who is stronger than the other and occasionally getting allured by tax free shopping area, giggling around with likeminded people, we arrived to these mystical sun kissed (most of the time) cities.


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Cake Orders – Jungle Theme – Brown Butter Cake with Cardamon Mascarpone Cream


Spring is in air. The greenness, freshness, delicate fragrance, aren’t you enjoying the beautiful time of the year? Belgium is just warming up, with occasional showers which makes the green look greener.  How are you all enjoying your spring? I’m quite occupied in learning dutch, redeeming the slumbered language part of my brain, believe me people it is one full job in hand, but it’s certainly fun (I say this to myself, as process of self encouragement)! In addition to language- the so called fun, craziness of life, cake is and will always be there on my priority list. This cake was one of those cakes that I dreamt all along the days until it took shape. The Forest theme cake was designed for a two year old little one, who’s  name means forest. I have to admit creating every bits and pieces of this cake was an intensive fun. My creative thoughts ran really wild along with wild life modelling. It also brought my hidden childhood love for wildlife. Though I would be really scared in reality to take pictures of wild animals, I really wish I have the courage to do it. If not in real life there is always a fantasy world, so creating modelling of adorable wildlife made me a happy girl!

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Procrastination – How To Cook Rice and a Simple Dhal



Happy New Year everyone! Its better late than never…procrastination seems to be my most favourite word for this year if not with everything at least with respect to blog. I’m not hoping nor promising that it will get better, lets leave it for the days to decide. Anyhow, coming to this post, which has been sitting as draft for nearly two months gets finally a way out. The one question people most commonly ask is “how do you cook rice”…I mean in the beginning I used wonder this is crazy simple why are they are asking me in the first place?

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