A Tribute to Nature – Who is with me?

Most of us are aware about the destruction happening around us since Goddess nature has been fierce. Three flood that happened lately (the ones I came/read across) India 2010 followed by flood in Brazil and Australia 2011, which shook the whole world. It was tormenting to watch how much lives were swept away in Brazil, pathetic it was. Though the intensity was extremely high in Australia, life loss was more in India and exceed above 600 in Brazil. Eyes went moist when I saw the totally disturbing pictures. After all this only one question kept lingering in my mind was, why the same creator who created the world, nature and we creatures made the nature go wild and took so many innocent lives away just in one wash? isn’t the lives of human being or any living creature precious?
According to me every life on this earth be it good or bad (no offence just a brief distinction) has their own purpose/significance and value, so WHY? Yes we do have a scientific answer but according to spirituality my question remains unanswered.
In recent times a beautiful coherence between the science and spirituality do exists. According to science globe warming is one of the main cause of the nature’s disastrous effect. From a spiritual point of view do we people in this generation live a part of our lives for others? Mostly we are self concerned. We are consistently showing or proving that we are stronger than nature or infact going against it by not showing our love for nature, one reason why nature is furious. Isn’t time to think, it’s OUR WORLD, WE stay here, WE should LOVE and RESPECT her?. By saying this a term positivity is generated around us which will manifold by itself, soon nature will start to protect us.
Now, I start to say “We shall put one foot forward to respect our loving earth” are you ready to take part? Nature is best and beautiful when it is calm and happy, it gives us a chance to stay serene.
My Final words are “Mother nature we still are your humble kids, please forgive us for our uncared attitude towards you, but kindly mellow down for we shall love you from now on”. Prayers for strength and courage for each and every individual who was a victim in the catastrophe. And all those adorable domestic animals hope they will find their way back to adopted families.
Few words from Paulo Coelho which kindled my thoughts “Saving the planet” gives a sense of power, action and nobility. Whereas “not letting the planet destroy us” might lead us to feelings of despair and impotence, and to a realisation of just how very limited our capabilities are. Let’s be humble. Let’s respect Mother Earth because if She becomes furious with our behaviour, we are in trouble.”


  1. Swathi says:

    I am with you, i think human beings are most selfish creature in world, they don’t care others, who always boast about themselves, they don’t even think about tomorrow. I think in order to save this beautiful planet, we need to shed at least little bit of selfishness and develop some kindness.

  2. Smitha says:

    Well written post Ananda!…I am totally with U…..humans need to start thinking about the consequences of their acts…only sad part is that tho they know all about it…they dont start acting on it or implementing it!…

  3. C&G says:

    It’s such a complicated issue. Companies and government have their own interests and they are so powerful… but I’m confident and I’m sure that people’s mentality’s changing. Little by little, slowly but surely.

  4. Sharon says:

    Ananda girl, your photos are BEAUTIFUL! So inspiring I absolutely LOVE it. My favourites are the ladybug and the purple and red flowers below it. What are those flowers called? I have never seen flowers like that before and I love how beautiful they are. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  5. Catherine says:

    Breathtaking pictures, Ananda :) I am compelled to think that no matter what we do to help save the planet, we human beings are inferior in the overall scale of things, and that if the planet were to be destroyed, it would be destroyed irregardless of our efforts. I do, however, appreciate the sentiment of people looking out for future generations though :) wonderful post!

  6. Malar Gandhi says:

    Well-written post…beautiful pictures. We are all with you…I think, people’s attitude is already changing…they are concerned about nature these days.

  7. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    This post made me teary-eyed cause we humans abuse mother earth without giving much thought to the calamity that it might trigger.
    Yes, we need to take as little as possible from her for survival and leave her “less blemished” for future generations to enjoy and exist!

  8. Pavithra says:

    Very well written Ananda.. I agree with all the above comments. Awesome shots and the Fuchsia shot is stunning. Wow God is beautiful designer and these are tiny tiny samples. Yes as CL said we have to leave her for future generation to enjoy !!!

  9. MaryMoh says:

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. Love reading and love admiring the pictures. Love that lady bird…..so cute! Well, I think human beings are in many ways to blame for the many catastrophes around…all the digging, wasting, burning, polluting etc etc. It’s quite scary when we look around, isn’t it?

  10. Sanchita says:

    Very well written Ananda..I am with you too..but I would also say few things are beyond our control for the rest..yes we are responsible. BTW as always, lovely photos :)

  11. [email protected] says:

    Love everything about this post! Really something for all of us to take a step back and look at things and think about them! And the photographs just took my breath away. Really it was only after taking up photography and get closer n closer to nature I realized that there’s nothing more beautiful and timeless than nature. Rest all is FAKE!

  12. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Ananda
    How are you?
    Awesome photograph and awe some writing! I fully agree with you…feel like writing more ..but bit occupied these days.
    If you look back into History and mythology (unanswered spiritual matters), you will see what kind of destruction earth has gone through time and again,, you will see how cruel human beings have been towards each other and towards all living things.. What role our Gods have played in creation, destruction and balancing the earth.
    Spiritually I believe, God will destroy many things, will do many things which we dont like, He will create new situations just to keep the earth going!
    For example , protection of deers has lead to population explosion in many places..so much so that many of these animals simply starve.
    Anyway it is painful to see destruction, but it will continue to happen. The great ice age or the great flood , Noah’s arch..etc happened where there were hardly any people to damage the earth.
    Hey I must stop now. But your write up gave me great food for thought.
    Will be off blog. Have a nice week

  13. Devaki says:

    What a lovely sentiment Ananda and a poignant reminder to all of us what is important.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  14. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    Dear All, thank you for your support, options and thoughts. Loved enjoyed reading them all, moreover was elated to see the support, though this def is a debatable topic. Would love to have you all with cup of tea and come cookies and have a healthy discussion and for some action in the future! Love you all! :)

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