Funda – Steamed Egg Korma


“The eggs are the backbone of cooking, the cement that holds the castle of cuisine together.”

From the book mastering the art of southern cooking!

As you all know the main components of egg is albumen and yolk, which is mostly composed of protein.  Apart from proteins egg white contains water, small amounts of minerals and sugars whereas the yolk contains fat, vitamins A, D and minerals such as calcium, thiamine, and riboflavin. Depending on the feed of the bird the yolk colour ranges from yellow to deep orange (when the birds are fed with good feed).

The proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids.  In the raw eggs proteins are in their native state, i.e. they are in globular form, which means amino acids are twisted, folded and/or curled up in a very specific way giving the protein its shape and properties. Any induced alteration (mechanical or heat) to these proteins will in turn significantly alter the entire structure of the egg.

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Spring time! Aviyal – Mixed Vegetable in Creamy Coconut Sauce

“People are like stained windows, they sparkle and shine when sun is out” – Elisabeth Kubler-Rose

Happy, spirited up are the day when vitamin D is activated. Yes much awaited Sun is finally here in my part of the world. Warmth, colourful blossoms and green “the” colour is just wonderful.  And all of sudden there was big shift, slipping to few 10’s of degree, rain and grey sky….I was said welcome to Belgium! But flowers are still smiling, dancing along with rain and green is getting intense!  The weather and nature are like artist and poems quite unpredictable yet beautiful! 

Spring time reminds me about fresh vegetable in India and this recipe is loaded with many vegetables in coconut sauce. This is very popular recipe from south India Kerala – God’s own country, which is usually is made with coconut paste, mum makes them with fresh thick coconut milk, more rich and creamy. When mum visited me in Finland in 2011, she smuggled brought all veggies and our home grown coconut and we prepared this recipe, yes two years back…I did tell you my hard drive cries most of the time for some fresh air! 

Till I enjoy the sun, rain and weekend… enjoy the aviyal (Mom’s version, not an authentic version) and glimpse of spring from my part of my world!! 

                 Airy light papads …or call it as flying breads

                 My mint plant is growing very happily at home!


Vegetables (All together you need 300 grams)
White pumpkin
Raw Banana
Brinjal / Eggplant

100 ml Yoghurt
200 ml Thick Coconut milk (or coconut cream)
1/4 tspn Turmeric powder
1 spring of Curry leaves
4 to 5 Green chillies (ground to paste)
Salt according to taste

For Tempering 
2 tbspn Coconut oil
3/4 tspn Mustered seeds
A pinch Asafoetida
2 spring of Curry leaves

Steam all vegetable along with some water, till it is half cooked, along with green chilli paste, turmeric, salt and one spring of curry leaves.
(You can steam all the vegetable in pressure cooker without weight, or pot boil till it is half cooked.)

After vegetable is half cooked, add coconut milk along with water from vegetables and slowly bring it a boil till it thickens, then add yoghurt and give it a boil for just two minutes. (Don’t over boil them, else the yoghurt will curdle)

Next do the tempering. Warm coconut oil, add muster seeds, let it splutter then add Asafoetida and curry leaves let it splutter. Then add to the vegetable mixture

Rich, flavourful aviyal is ready to serve with rice and crispy papad! 

Pink/ Breast cancer awareness – Family favorite/Beetroot kurma

There are quite many to say in this post, but will try keep it crisp. Since October being “breast cancer awareness” month, thought will give you primitive detail about abnormal cells, from which tumors are formed. Every living being is composed of  cells and continuous controlled cell division takes place. Due to DNA mutation in the cells, abnormal rate of division of cells happens, resulting in collection of cells called tumor. There two type of tumor  benign and malignant tumor. Malignant tumor is the evil guy. The same thing happens in breast, during initial stage and secondary stages they are either treated or removed. At third stage tumor spread to greater extent and results can be fatal. I found two educative slideshow and video, check when time permits. We are precious ladies and we have to treat ourself best in order to serve others good. To keep away from carcinogenic diseases, stay healthy, stress free, no to smoking and most important of all  microwave bowls are something which has to be changed now and then, it is not for long term use, they turn into carcinogenic materials after certain time period. Microwave irradiation break the bonds in the polymer changing their original property. Am not a bio student, if you find any of the details wrong, pardon me, correct me, trash me or just chuck it out :)
Now to beetroot kurma, am not a big fan of beetroot but I adore this kurma, this is our family favorite, most important of all my dad’s. Usually in this kurma, beetroot to potato ratio is about 3:1, every one in the family will look for those little potato, my dad insists mum to add more of it, but mum says that potato’s are added to obtain the right consistency if added more it becomes potato kurma. Oh well..anyways we love..hope you will like it too :)
Thanks guys for the pouring response you all had given for my mango delight, I was overwhelmed and for some comments felt dramatic in positive sense :) For all my dear friends who had been waiting for veg recipe again here it is, Divya this is exclusively for you!
Finally, to stay fit and fine, we got to be happy, keep smiling, worries and pressure will come and go take it easy, after all we have to live the best life out of better possibilities. For all the suffering patience prayers for hope courage, strength and will power. Amen!  Stay Pink!

Pearly Delight – Coconut Ladoo

Asima Bengali beauty is well know for the simple and delicious coconut ladoo. Whenever she made  those ladoo’s either for Indian get together or for some pooja, all of us used to binge on it immediately. As it was moist, light, fresh and indeed delicious. Best thing is, it is cream and milk free. Basically low fat and juicy inside.
I come from coconut background, back in India my home is surrounded by mango, 5 coconut, guava, pomegranate and custard apple trees. Most likely we have some fruits or the other throughout the year. Every 2-3 months either of the coconut trees were harvested. My dad always made sure some fresh tender coconuts were served for the day, oh missing it. When I buy some kind of coconut from normal markets in Finland, I shed blood tears.
So, learning something from coconut was on the priority list, by which I could surprise mom when I go back to India. Asima was very happy to teach me, Shanthi too joined us, so obviously we have short girls evening, with good food and lots of ladoo. Thanks to PhD I have enormous patience, spent two hours to skin off the brown layer underneath the white part, wanted ladoo’s to resemble pearl.

Spinach Chickpeas – Palak Chana Rice

June was remarkably a busy month for me, inviting friends, attending many dinners, visit to Finnish summer cottage, so it was plenty of cooking, five cake baking in a row and work at office, was the reason why I had been away from blog baby. Tried three new cake recipes will post hopefully soon. I know I have to get updated from people in blogosphere, waiting for the weekend to do that. So here is the recipe for the week, chickpea spinach rice, very simple and healthy one. Hope you will enjoy!

Three beautiful spices

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