Easter holidays! – Pan fried fish fillet

Lots of cooking, photography and shopping was my agenda during easter break. Rarely I’m focused during weekends to completely the agendas, but this holiday was exception. So there was heavy shopping, good amount of photography and mild storm in the kitchen. Pan fried fish fillet with caramelised onions was simple yet flavourful. Great thing is that it hardly takes anytime to cook. Palak dhal with ginger & pepper eggplant fry was for soul. Chicken breast in spicy tomato sauce for a cold evening. Mushroom briyani with greek yogurt enough to miss home. Wanted to end with red wine chocolate cake, not sure what went wrong it had excess moisture, which made the cake very gooey.  Have to retry this cake, because the cake had great taste and flavour of wine was tantalising!
Wish I could share mushroom briyani recipe as well, i have great recipe from my sister but every time I jazz up the recipe according to my own mood, that I don’t end up documenting here. I’m still optimising the basmathi rice I get in Belgium, I don’t get aged rice so most of my food is getting mushy! Sigh! Anyhow people here is pan fried fish with caramelised onions! And hope you all had a eventful and colourful easter!
Oh btw…Do you guys by any chance have any idea to shoo away the winter? Or may should I bribe The Summer by saying “Honey how about Tres Leches cupcake with mascarpone frosting?”….Lets see if this work, if at all weather God/Goddess reads this!!!

Fish fry
Two fish fillet (I used roodbaars meaning red fish) All white fish would be great!
Half lime
1/4 tspn lemon/lime zest
Sea salt
3 fresh spring of thyme
1 tspn finely chopped fresh dill
1- 2 pod of garlic grated
Pepper according to your taste
Dash of chilly flakes (I insist touch if spiciness is heaven with caramelised onions!)
2 tbspn of extra virgin olive oil
Mix all this ingredients with fish fillet and let them marinate in refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours.
Pan fry them on medium heat till fish gets cooked for 3 to 4 mins and then turn the heat to high to get them roasted for about 3 to 4 mins.
Caramelised onions
1 large onion – thinly sliced
4 table spoon of olive oil (add butter if you wish)
Good pinch of sugar
In a wide thick bottom pan on medium heat, pour oil. When oil warms, add sliced onions, salt and fry till onions become and soft transparent. Add sugar and let them fry till they are golden brown. In case if onions are getting dry add few table spoon of water when necessary!
Serve warm fish with caramelised onions along with rice cooked with peas and beam or mashed potatoes!

First hand on red meat expt : Kheema vada/Minced meat patties

Paranoid, is the next word I would link when I think of cooking red meat. I love mutton briyani and kheema vada only when my mum cooks  with ‘special’ ? meat my dad buys. Oh yes am too picky when it comes to lamb. Reason is, meat what we we normally get is from sheep but the one my dad hunts and gets for us is tender goat. Am pretty sure your preference would change once you have tasted the tender goat meat. Being a food blogger I wanted to show am brave enough to give it a try and handle the strong flavor (according to me) and a small inspiration did the magic!

Delicate darling – Pistachios gujiya/puri

Pistachios gujiya/puri my today’s experiment. During diwali  my aunt used to make almond (badam) puries, duly copied her recipe but replaced almond with pista. It started great, even puries were surprisingly puffing very well. Must say am terrible when it comes to deep frying, got excited when they were turning out well, eventually I ended up frying my index finger :((
With burning fingers I couldn’t continue with puries, so ended up making gujiya’s, they seemed quick and easy. Shared it with Ritika and Asima. I was calling them as kachories, thanks Ritika for educating me the difference between kachories and gujiya. Somehow manged to make few click with damaged fingers. Hope you guys will enjoy this recipe at some point, but do with care. This sweet itself is very delicate and lots of care is need while processing. Now my kitchen is like a war field, will go and set them…hope you all have a great weekend!

Baci Di Ricotta – Kiss of Ricotta

There are times when few recipes or food pictures flashes in my brain, dream endlessly. They haunt me until it is prepared, making me feel “you lazy bum, get it kick started”. The same was with Baci Di Ricotta.  To trace ricotta cheese in the market was causing the delay. But my office colleague, Francesco, extracted info from his friend and fianlly I got to know whereabouts of  the cheese. Grazie guys! you never know how many more desserts are waiting in queue to be made from ricotta. The beauty was I had to wait for another 3 weeks as they were out of stock in markets! Oh yeah, exactly! that’s how I felt.
                                        This guy kept me waiting for months!