Funda – Steamed Egg Korma


“The eggs are the backbone of cooking, the cement that holds the castle of cuisine together.”

From the book mastering the art of southern cooking!

As you all know the main components of egg is albumen and yolk, which is mostly composed of protein.  Apart from proteins egg white contains water, small amounts of minerals and sugars whereas the yolk contains fat, vitamins A, D and minerals such as calcium, thiamine, and riboflavin. Depending on the feed of the bird the yolk colour ranges from yellow to deep orange (when the birds are fed with good feed).

The proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids.  In the raw eggs proteins are in their native state, i.e. they are in globular form, which means amino acids are twisted, folded and/or curled up in a very specific way giving the protein its shape and properties. Any induced alteration (mechanical or heat) to these proteins will in turn significantly alter the entire structure of the egg.

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Methi Prawns – Fenugreek Prawns

Prawns prawns prawns yet another favorite of mine. Thai green curry with prawns and Chinese szechuan prawns, oh boy! these recipes are quite irresistible to me. I love when Somjai cooks Thai green curry, I have learnt the recipe from her, soon will post it the way she cooks. The maximum I enjoyed eating prawns was in Thailand when I went to attend Somjai and Tero’s wedding. She took us to coastal side restaurant and fresh seafood tasted million dollars! I lavishly ate king prawns and lobsters. Oh miss being in Hat-Yai for food and especially for Somjai mum, we spoke in our own sign language as we didn’t know each others language. But to communicate with any mom is just so easy as they are warm to all kids in the world.  And this  recipes is exclusively  from my Mum kitchen’s,  the best kitchen in my world. The recipe tastes best with steamed rice.
                                                                                          Lily oh lily

Baked – Shredded Chicken Gravy

Am sure many of us miss mum’s food, especially when we are far from home. No wonder why mum’s food is delicious, because they cook with total devotion and love for their  children. During last Christmas holidays, when I was in India, I was busy with my new camera taking pictures in and around my home. Mum was making many varieties of food for me, particularly with the veggies and  country chicken  that I don’t get in Finland.  I still remember the taste of country chicken gravy! Ohhh yum!
To expect something similar from modern broilers is out of question. But to be happy with what we get is considered wise. So I came up with baked chicken gravy. This gravy tasted best with Finnish dry bread. It goes very well with any bread or rice.
                                                          Full moon hidden between the clouds

Simple Chicken Curry

Chicken, I have always found it easy to cook, nor have tried other red meats. While ago experimented salmon in Indian way. It ended in a big disaster, found its way straight into bin. Sometime catastrophes can happen. Fear factor of any new chicken recipes turning below taste standards has been surprisingly low and they have always reached between mediocre to interesting levels! Yet again the success rate of self cooked product depends strongly on will to taste and  how hungry you are.

Beautiful winter mornings