Bliss! – Uurainen Summer Cottage

Have you observed little puppies getting up after sleep? bit of stretching, yawning, then getting back to sleep. It’s pretty much the same here wrt to blog. After crisp holiday I was so energetic that work is like a pleasure, days of blue moon. Here are the pic’s from summer cottage, didn’t cook anything apart from Nigella’s cookies and pancakes so don’t have food pic, only nature for you to enjoy! Soon the story and pic from Bergen will follow! Missed all ur food pic’s guys, on my way ta da!!
More pic’s here
A house, away from hustle and bustle.

Tearing routinism, entering placid state.
Lake, still water, soothing wavering thoughts.
Blossomed white lilies, spreading fragrant of joy.

A baby with infectious smile, raw innocence.
Her twinkling eyes, a new hope for tomorrow.
Her chirpy babbling, rattling sounds of positivity.
Bestowing sunshine….lil Ms Sunshine!

Handful acquainted human connections,
Few words spoken, deep silence shared.
Home chef, served Thai food to satisfy souls.
Nothing in common, apart from care for each other.

Green the color, thunderous dark clouds.
Sky and earth dancing for the tunes of rain.
Dive in the lake, after earthen sauna.
Rejuvenating self, a must trip to remember for ever!

A Tribute to Nature – Who is with me?

Most of us are aware about the destruction happening around us since Goddess nature has been fierce. Three flood that happened lately (the ones I came/read across) India 2010 followed by flood in Brazil and Australia 2011, which shook the whole world. It was tormenting to watch how much lives were swept away in Brazil, pathetic it was. Though the intensity was extremely high in Australia, life loss was more in India and exceed above 600 in Brazil. Eyes went moist when I saw the totally disturbing pictures. After all this only one question kept lingering in my mind was, why the same creator who created the world, nature and we creatures made the nature go wild and took so many innocent lives away just in one wash? isn’t the lives of human being or any living creature precious?