Enchanting – Baltic cities: Riga and Tallinn

To travel is to evolve – Pierre Bernardo
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta


Now, how true is that? All the travels I have done so far have enriched me with experience, connection with people and a better perspective. Being a learner from experience, I have learnt to appreciate the hidden beauties behind any cities, be it architecture, food, culture or the people itself. It’s no hidden truth with my blog that this awe struck moments is tuning me into a story teller. These pictures are collection from my initial travel days in Finland. I’m sure you remember me telling stories about exploding hard drive; I finally pulled out first few folders of Baltic cities that I visited ages ago. These cities have great memories that is tagged along. Travel to these cities were planned at the spur of the moments, booking accommodation, emails flying around….zoom we were in the cruise sailing across the majestic deep blue never ending sea. Waves lashing along the cruise showing how fierce she is and gusting wind slamming us competing with the wave.  All the way sailing I kept baffling who is stronger than the other and occasionally getting allured by tax free shopping area, giggling around with likeminded people, we arrived to these mystical sun kissed (most of the time) cities.


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Connections – Poached Fish with Garlic Paprika Sauce


Surprisingly at sometimes few connections just happens. This was the case with professor from Santiago. By the end of the training, he arranged a group dinner in one of the local restaurant so I could taste fine Galician cuisine. Before reaching the restaurants we stopped by his house where I got to meet his lovely wife and two adorable boys. Briefly he made plans to take me around the city and market along with his family. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and affability. In between I got to know he loved cooking and he is a food blogger too, though it has been dormant for a while (Prof. if you are reading this, the world would love to learn more of your Galician recipes…so please post more!). Oh you know how it works between the food blogger’s the endless topics on love for food, photography, cooking and eating! I promised; next time if I go for training again I will carry a goodie bag of spices so I could cook some for them.

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Captivating – Santiago De Compostela – Part 2



Continuing with the stories of the charming city (sorry for long absence again blame it again on work and travel). Lunch breaks in Spain starts late and it’s elaborate being a food lover I always looked forward for lunch breaks. Me being an early bird, folks over there was considerate enough to have wee bit early, which according to them must have been super early and for me it was the point of starvation. Thoughts about fresh fishes and the deep fried padrom chilies was good enough to keep me on hold and drag me there. Three course meal included soup/salad, fish/meat with potato/rice and a generous serving of padrom chilies and of course the desserts. Though I have never been fanatic about tuna fish but Santiago was the only place I felt I could eat tuna, the freshness did bring good taste to the fish.

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Charmed – Santiago De Compostela – Part 1



One fine morning, emails went flying with me and a new collaborator in Santiago, discussing on a new project. Instantaneously he agreed on my request to visit his laboratory for a training. Little did I know what fun was waiting for me. On a gorgeous sunny day in September I landed in the beautiful city, Santiago. The only thing running in my mind was work, experiment procedures and edgy feeling for chemistry as you all know I’m a physicist.

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Bliss! – Uurainen Summer Cottage

Have you observed little puppies getting up after sleep? bit of stretching, yawning, then getting back to sleep. It’s pretty much the same here wrt to blog. After crisp holiday I was so energetic that work is like a pleasure, days of blue moon. Here are the pic’s from summer cottage, didn’t cook anything apart from Nigella’s cookies and pancakes so don’t have food pic, only nature for you to enjoy! Soon the story and pic from Bergen will follow! Missed all ur food pic’s guys, on my way ta da!!
More pic’s here
A house, away from hustle and bustle.

Tearing routinism, entering placid state.
Lake, still water, soothing wavering thoughts.
Blossomed white lilies, spreading fragrant of joy.

A baby with infectious smile, raw innocence.
Her twinkling eyes, a new hope for tomorrow.
Her chirpy babbling, rattling sounds of positivity.
Bestowing sunshine….lil Ms Sunshine!

Handful acquainted human connections,
Few words spoken, deep silence shared.
Home chef, served Thai food to satisfy souls.
Nothing in common, apart from care for each other.

Green the color, thunderous dark clouds.
Sky and earth dancing for the tunes of rain.
Dive in the lake, after earthen sauna.
Rejuvenating self, a must trip to remember for ever!