A surprise dessert – Apple oats crumb

I made this dessert for Somjai as surprise, who is pregnant and is undergoing stages of pregnancy cravings. She was eagerly calling me every week asking me to check at department cafe (they are very good with this dessert) if apple crumb was available as she wanted to eat them no matter what. But unfortunately for all three weeks, apple crumb was not in menu. One Saturday we planned to have dinner at Somjai house, I promised to cook capsicum chicken, Vinoo made chocolate raspberry cupcakes  and Somjai made spicy Thai noodle, all what going to be mama wanted to eat! So I planned to bake apple oat for Somjai as surprise, not big one though but I love to watch her million dollar expression. when I gave her big bowl, she asked “oh you cooked so much chicken for me” myself and Vinoo kept quite, until she opens to find the one she wanted…all she said was “Ahhhhhhhiiiiiiiii, one 32 teeth smile and thank you Ananda”. I melted! She is very expressive lady and can make anyone on this earth to laugh heart out with her timely jokes, if I find no reason to smile or talk I call Somjai, she will make me laugh in less than a minute and make quick plan for dinner to cheer up, wish I could make many more goodies for her, but 24 hrs seems to be less for a day! :)
 This is ultra simple but healthy dessert can be had just like that or with one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  It was even great for breakfast.

This pic takes me to apple wonderland :)


4 Granny Smith apples (green apple, peeled and diced) 
1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder (you can add more or less according to ur taste)
100 gram rolled oats (we wanted crispy and crunchy, can reduce if u want more fruity
80 gram of brown sugar (according to apple sweetness, mine was sour)
2 table spoon of butter
Preheat the oven to 170 C. Granny Smith apples are called cooking apples as they don't get smashed 
after it is baked. Mix diced apple and cinnamon powder and place  it in the baking bowl. Now mix 
oats, butter and brown sugar. Spread oat mixture evenly on top of apple. Bake to about 20 to 25 
minutes until you see juice from apple starts to bubble around the and oats gets crisp.  


  1. An Open Book says:

    oooh wow…those apple pics are just gorgeous ananda..and abt the crumble, yeah i love it too but failed miserably once and then i decided 2 make oatmeal cookies with the remaining

  2. Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com says:

    I love your apple photos too. Very arty !

    When I was pregnant, I didn’t really crave anything…. except pure fruit juice ice lollies. There were various things I could not stand the smell of from 100 paces however – namely peanuts or anyone having consumed wine ….

  3. Andrea the Kitchen Witch says:

    BEAUTIFUL photography!! I love the green mum blossoms with the apples, so pretty! This dessert makes me happy too! I love love love apples. bake them with cinnamon and sugar and oatmeal, well that’s really just about the best stuff on earth :)

  4. Suman Singh says:

    really an apple wonderland..love your pics..just amazing..

    must say Somjai is really lucky to have a sweet friend like you and the vice versa..correct?

    Apple oats crumble looks DIVINE.

  5. Radhika says:

    I can completely feel the joy of Somjai. She is really lucky to have a friend like you. Great pics and the cinamoney apple oats crumble looks inviting.

  6. MaryMoh says:

    Awwww….Ananda, you are just so sweet!! I must tell every pregnant ladies to come to you…haha. Too bad I’m not…..haha. I’m sure you will make for me if I am, right?? 😛 Love your apple crumble. Love all the beautiful refreshing pictures of the apples. Hope you have a wonderful Friday. Mary

  7. Catherine says:

    Ananda you are so nice 😀 and your pictures always look amazing! I’m terrible at eating fruit, but I would make an effort for this dish! :)

  8. somjai says:

    Anandaaaaaa! You always make me smile and surprise! Of course! I love your Apple oats crumb so much :) Yummy yummy! It is my pleasure to entertain you, my dear friend!!

  9. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    @Gulmohar Thanks a lot :)

    @Sarh-Jane Thanks, ha ha same with my friends and my sis when she was pregnant, they hate garlic and many thing which i don’t even remember :)

    @Satya, that is so sweet you thanks a lot dear!

    @Shanthi Thanks :)

    @Padu Thank you :)

    @Priya Thanks :)

    @Andrea Thanks 😀 Oh I love those little flowers too, i was lucky to get them on the day i was cooking apples, yes indeed apple with cinnamon and oats heaven! 😀

    @Cool lassi Thank you dear…oh she loved it! :)

    @Suman Thank you, yes you are we are luck to have each other….its rare we get this kind of friends :)

    @radhika Thanks l lot..infact am lucky to have her too :)

    @Jay thanks for ur kinds words of appreciation! :)

    @MaryMoh ha ha sure anyone is welcome i would be more than happy to cook for any one :) of course if you are any time, my pleasure, just let me know ….i can even send them my express mail :) Thank you Mary!

    @Catherine same with me, i am very bad with fruits, i can handle only when they are baked….thanks lot:)

    @ Somaji Darling so you manged to comment on my blog lol…Thank you Somjai :)

    @ Treat and trick, My pleasure, thanks for ur kind words of appreciation! :)

    @Sarh ha ha any time, let me ur address…Thanks :)

  10. T.K says:

    wow your clicks of those yummy green apples take me to apple wonderland too, such a rfreshing post and recipe. you have a beautiful blog my dear. good work!

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