On A Date With Pear – Parmesan With Pear and Wine

Whenever the feel of my PhD going stray starts to creep within me, instantaneous revitalizing element is to treat myself extravagant or do completely out of my thinking. That’s when during working hours shamelessly I end up searching recipes. My desktop either show pale boring LaTex screen with my head tug into it or food picture with palm on my face! The moment any good link is found will quickly pass it over Vinoo thro’ skype she does the same. One day we were going thro’ our chat history to play word mingle, we could hardly find any written messages there, it was basically all food link. Likewise she sent me this link from academiabarilla, when I was in search of pear recipes. We decided to try it out on the following weekend.

Went in search of wine pink incarnation, wanted to bring in a special effect for the evening. Wala, found it but it was half dead. Switched to giga red rose, romantic enough with few twinkling candles! Next day I made the mousse, Vinoo made spinach ricotta tortellini for dinner. It was perfect evening with wine, creamy tortellini and wine cooked pear. It was fun to cook fruit, wine gave fantastic color and honey induced great flavour. We both were in love the way it looked, texture and fragrance. But mousse had a very delicate taste, as you know Parmesan is salty cheese. The gelatin amount they gave was way too much. That spoiled the whole texture. Overall was an interesting try. I would give thumbs up for cooked pear and average for mousse. For those who would love to try we came up with better solution for mousse, vanilla ricotta mousse or just plain vanilla ice cream would be heaven with warm cooked pear. That was my date with pear, try urs but skip the mousse ha ha :) Note, chef who is teaching the recipe is cute :p

Submitting this for Monthly Mingle happening on Deeba’s passionate about baking and Meeta of what’s lunch honey? 

For recipe check here

But reduce the amount of gelatin. Easy or better solution for mousse is  vanilla ricotta mousse or just plain vanilla ice cream.


  1. EliFla says:

    This is really good….her in Italy we really love pears and cheese…and PArmisan is one of my favourite!!!

    HAve a very nice Sunday…hugs, Flavia

  2. An Open Book says:

    poached pears are definitely the best…esp when you are entertaining guest..its damn easy and absolutely fancy…i pair mine usually with vanilla ice cream or mascarpone like u said…the mousee idea sounds really exotic though…mayb just a normal vanilla mousse?
    i love all the pics:)

  3. Biny Anoop says:

    dat looks great….. pics have comeout perfect and the menu is exotic…so u r doing ur Phd….OMG.u know i really admire u for the time and energy u spend on ur study and ur blog….it must be sooo tough…All the best dear….
    btw the curry with neer dosa was prawns stew……:)

  4. Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear says:

    Haha! My computer too usually has me dealing with either LaTex or food! Let me tell you, I prefer the food. Good try on the parmesan mousse- I had something very similar, a parmesan icecream, when we went to the Michelin restaurant Sat Bains… and it was delicious. The contrast in tastes was superb. Maybe it was just too much gelatin? Maybe try again? Excellent photogrpahs again, Ananda!

  5. Deeba PAB says:

    Oooooh that is PURTY Ananda. I ♥ baking experiments, and this one looks so difference and yum! Thank you for beinging another fab fruity bake to the Mingle! Wonderful!!

  6. Anna Johnston says:

    Hi there Ananda, its lovely to connect with you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog & leaving a comment – I have been reading your beautiful ‘pink’ site & love your photography & stories.
    Looking forward to getting to know you more through the blogosphere.
    Cheers Anna

  7. Ananda Rajashekar says:

    harmilee! Roshan, Smitha, Smitha, Kairali sisters, Angie’s Recipes, Shalini, Cucina di Barbara, Torviewtoronto coolblogger, Couscous & Consciousness, Treat and Trick Cheah, Priya, Prathima Rao, Sanchita Karmakar, Suja Sugathan , C&G, Pavithra, Radhika Babli, aipi, ♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥, Prerna@IndianSimmer, Dimah, Indie.Tea, Fathima, kasthurirajam, Santosh Bangar, Apu, Nitha, Padhu A Huge Thanks to you all 😀

    EliFla, i came to know how much its popular in Italy and how much you all love it, personally i liked it may be bit more careful next time, would love it..Hugs back 😀

    Nisha, mascarpone Sounds like a great and easy idea will keep it in mind for next time thank :) Ya Normal Vanilla mousse would work wonders.

    Biny Anoop Thanks for those good wishes I’m in need of them in tons :)

    My attempt at The Julie/Julia project thanks for the luck to PhD…brr had been missing it for a while ;P

    Sanjeeta, will let you know next time i go on a date again :)

    Sandhya Hariharan absolutely, would love love to have you :)

    sinfullyspicy, how nice many of you feel the same, thanks :)

    Gulmohar ha ha pl do 😀

    Wendy, i prefer food as well, is that so, oh man! exactly that is what we expected it also may be try again is a good option and i think it give a bit of honey touch so that it will mellow the salty taste a bit, thank you very much :)

    Kulsum@JourneyKitchen ha ha count in me that too Kulsum i can be ur strong competitor 😀

    Devaki, i go all dreamy if you call me an artist, awee thank you Devaki, hope you are having a great thanks giving :)

    Deeba PAB, its means a lot thanks a lot..its all my pleasure to be a part of it :)

    Sarah Naveen How sweet of you Sarah to let me know, it drives me crazily happy….i adore ur pictures too :)

    Swathi thanks for stopping by and for ur kind words of appreciation :)

    Nachiketa, ha ha isn’t it? thank you 😀

    Sally – My Custard Pie, glad it inspires..you words in turn inspires me more 😀

    les 2 gourmands, yes indeed it was surprising and overwhelming ..thanks a lot :)

    Anna Johnston, Anna, its wonderful to connect with you as well, you words on PAB made me awee, how sweet thanks lot for your kind words of appreciation, its my driving force, its my pleasure to get to know blog and too looking fwd to get to involved in ur blog :)

  8. MaryMoh says:

    Very sexy dessert! 😀 This is professional standard! It’s wonderful to have friends who share the same cooking craze 😀 I love that big, beautiful rose!

  9. Catherine says:

    The poached pears look beautiful, Ananda :) the wine really does give it a fantastic colour! Thats a shame about the mousse, but I know you’ll get it perfect next time!

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